Prospective Marriage Visa

FISA is not affiliated with DIBP, however all of our agents are registered. Visa application forms are available from DIBP, however FISA’s services extend beyond DIBP's services. FISA is an Australian owned & operated immigration consultancy company, specialising in Partner visas (fiancée, married and de facto, including same-sex).

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Prospective Marriage Visas with FISA Immigration in Melbourne

Are you living overseas while your fiancé lives in Australia?

The Propective Partner Visa allows you to enter Australia and marry your intended fiancé within the visa's nine month validity period.

The Prospective Marriage visa application must be lodged outside of Australia.

Once married, you will apply in Australia for a Spouse Visa which ultimately can lead to permanent residence.

The evidence to support the application for the Prospective Marriage Visa is substantial.

Eligibility criteria for the applicant includes:

  • Must be intending to come to Australia to marry their sponsor
  • Must have personally met their sponsor
  • Must enter Australia before marrying their sponsor
  • Must agree to marry within 9 months of entering Australia (if the marriage does not eventuate in this time, the visa will NOT be extended and the applicant will be required to leave Australia)
  • May leave and re-enter Australia any number of times up until the visa expires
  • Must be married and apply for the Spouse Visa within 9 months of the granting of the Prospective Marriage Visa
  • Unlimited work and study in Australia
  • Cannot apply for Medicare until the subsequent Spouse visa has been lodged
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The team of Migration Agents at FISA Immigration are highly qualified and highly experienced in the Partner Visa industry.

Since we solely deal with Partner Visas, we know the processes through and through. Our dedicated Migration Agents can help you and your partner obtain their Partner Visas, no matter where you're located around Australia and the world. 

Give our friendly team a call on 1300 796 206 or fill out an enquiry form for more information about the Propective Marriage Visa and a free consultation. 

FISA has an outstanding success rate with Prospective Marriage and Partner (marriage and de facto) visa applications.  We have an almost perfect record, except for applications refused on health and character grounds, which were beyond FISA’s control.

Our money back guarantee applies to our full service only and excludes tourist visa applications.

If the Prospective Marriage/Partner visa application is refused for a reason other than false and/or misleading information and documentation, health, character, or failure at interview then FISA’s fee will be fully refunded.

Please note that this guarantee does not include DIBP’s Visa Application Charge.