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Read some of the Testimonials from previous clients we've worked with to successfully obtain a Partner Visa. 

The FISA team are based in Melbourne and we're dedicated to making the Australian partner visa application process easy for you.

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We have a number of friends who have applied for partner / spousal visas in recent years, the advice from all of them was to use the services of a migration agent. This recommendation came from friends who had, but more so  those who had not used an migration agent through the application process. We spoke with a few different agents to get a feel for what was involved without pursuing their services. However when we met Frank at the Melbourne Thai festival at Federation Square in March, his passion for what he was doing, high level of friendliness and ability to translate the legal jargon into words we could understand were enough to ensure we were keen to speak to him again. Although this initial meeting was brief we made the decision there and then that we would engage FISA for our spousal visa application.

From the onset the process was clear with a checklist type approach detailed by Frank. He was available after work hours and on weekends at a time that suited us, with study and shift work in our lives this was a great help. Having the requirements clearly communicated and guidance always at hand pulling together the application required no great effort on our part. There was no anxious wait with the approval coming though much quicker than we anticipated. We have no hesitation in recommending Frank and his services to others, in fact it gives us alot of personal pleasure.

Jay and Chris

My Thai wife and I found Frank to be extremely friendly honest and professional.  My wife was on a student visa and Frank was very thorough throughout the whole six week period it took for her to receive her temporary visa.  Nothing seemed to too big or small for him. He was always available to meet us outside office hours or talk to us via mobile and answer as many questions were needed to be answered.  This really helped us in collating the many required documents and filling out his questionnaire that he uses to prepare the visa application form on our behalf.

M & A 

We are so pleased and thankful to FISA for the professional service, ongoing advice and support

Having granted the spouse visa on the same day as we delivered the application was a fantastic result

It goes to show that a decision ready and well presented application is a huge advantage

Thankyou again FISA for all of the great work  

Ben & Noi (WA)

We would like to thank Frank for the thorough and dedicated service he gave us in our journey towards getting a Spousal Visa.  He navigated us through the labyrinth of laws and complicated forms that this sort of application consists of.  Frank made sure that all of our documentation was in order and that we had every opportunity to achieve a fast and positive outcome.  Throughout the entire process, was very accommodating with any questions we had about the application process and contacted us on a regular basis to ensure a quick and painless result.  His accessibility was phenomenal – there were regular visits and phone calls, and various payment methods were discussed and offered to assist us if needed.

Warmest regards,
Annaleis & Dermot

Frank Immigration Solutions Australia is an extremely professional, friendly and supporting organisation. Their principle, Frank Mash provided my wife and I with excellent information, guidance and time saving tips during our application process. We were amazed at the speed of our approval for a spouse visa. We would highly recommend them to anyone contemplating a visa application.

John and Noynha (SA)

My family and I decided that we wanted to offer ourselves the best opportunity for a better life, in a better climate on arguably the best continent on the planet!

After finding myself a new role with a great company in Melbourne we started down the route of applying for our 457 visa status, this is where Frank came into play. From the moment I met him and during subsequent conversations I felt at ease, which is important when moving your partner and 3 young children to the other side of the world.

During the whole process Frank kept us all updated with emails, telephone calls and SMS messages whenever something progressed or he needed the next lot of information. As a senior manager in a corporate environment I like to deal in fact and not speculation.....this is what you get with Frank! Yes people do get visas granted in a matter of weeks....but also it can take months or longer, Frank never over promises but offers sound realistic advice that helps you make sound decisions, even from 14000km away.

If you are looking for someone to trust, to be honest, to guide you sensibly and realistically then I can think of no better ally in a sometimes difficult to navigate journey.

He is a testament to his profession.

D, L, I, L & R - from North Yorkshire, UK 

We thank FISA for the very friendly, professional & outstanding services in assisting us in applying for the spouse visa for us.  Without FISA’s assistance there is absolutely no way we would have been able to accomplish this!  It has been a life changing experience for my partner and I.  We received advice on everything in regard to the visa process and all related matters and our spouse visa application was approved in seven weeks after we submitted it which was absolutely amazing! We recommend FISA to everyone who needs assistance on visa and immigration matters!

Daniel & Kitty

FISA did a wonderful job in simplifying the daunting task of applying for a Partner visa. FISA ensured that we lodged a strong application and, following their pro-active contact with the Department, our application was approved very quickly. We know that our decision to invest in utilising FISA's services was a good one. We wanted to give ourselves the greatest likelihood of success; we hoped for a timely approval; and we felt that we needed help in managing a complex and unfamiliar task. FISA delivered beyond our expectations

Steve & Norberto (NSW)

When I came to Australia to live with my partner, I found FISA to be of great help with the application process. I applied for a De Facto partner visa and FISA helped my partner and I with all the information we needed to get the application process started.  FISA was never more than a phone call of a text message away, and he was quick to return my calls if he was currently unavailable. Getting all the information together was a hassle, but having FISA to lean on was of tremendous help. 

After finally getting all the information together, we provided that information to FISA, and they made sure all paperwork was filled out appropriately. The application was sent to the immigration office and it was approved after only 12 days. I would highly recommend FISA as your agent for a partnership visa application as they are very professional and we truly believe FISA made a big difference in making the entire application process more manageable.

Morten and Xiao Wen

Me and my wife are very greatful for FISA’s efforts with us on our 820 partner visa application.  FISA has a very professional attitude when it comes to succeeding and doing things the right way. We both found FISA very kind, even after hours we could call for help or advice if we needed it!

Both me and my wife highly recommend FISA’s services.  If you follow and listen to what they tell you to do, you both will be more than pleased with the outcome and quick results.

Many thanks again FISA.

Brad & Am

Me and my wife are very greatful for FISA’s efforts with us on our 820 partner visa 

My Mexican wife and I are ecstatic about receiving the spouse visa so quickly.  We would like to thank FISA Immigration for all their professional advice and prompt response to our numerous questions.  Having met Frank on a number of occasions, usually outside normal business hours including weekends, we both found Frank to be honest, a wealth of knowledge, professional, organised and amicable.  Frank is very easy to talk to and to understand.  His guidance throughout the whole visa process is second to none.  It’s no wonder why FISA continues to maintain their outstanding success rate.  We would definitely recommend Frank, to anyone wishing to apply for a visa.

Cecy & Carlo

We would like to thank you for your thorough and professional advise you provided during the entire Visa application process. Your assistance to provide and assist with exactly what was required for the application was invaluable, and the Visa was approved on the day it was lodged - just brilliant! The mere thought of processing the application ourselves was so overwhelming we cannot describe it. But Frank (FISA), made the entire process so much easier. We are truly thankful for all assistance.

 Pao & Chris (VIC)

My Thai wife and I have found FISA to be extremely helpful, reliable and efficient in assisting us with my wife's partner visa. The application can be a stressful process but FISA has taken most of the pain out of the proceedings.

Communication is very important as the application advances and we found FISA to be very easy to contact and kept us up to date with all developments. FISA also made the paperwork easy to understand and fill out which was a blessing considering the amount of forms we had to submit.

Overall, FISA was a pleasure to deal with and we'd recommend their services with no hesitation.


Dermot (NSW)

Kathryn and I were approaching the process of applying for the de-facto partner visa and were unsure of the ‘ins and outs’ of the system as it appeared to be a daunting prospect. However, I found FISA Immigration on Google and upon having a long initial telephone conversation with Frank, he was able to explain the process in a more accessible way and it soon became clear what was involved with the application. We decided to engage FISA’s services as Frank would be able to provide the required expertise and attention to detail to maximise our chances of securing the visa. By working with Frank, the collection of documents and careful selection of evidence was set out in such a systematic way that it allowed us to submit the application in a far less stressful manner than it would have been if we were handling everything ourselves. After approximately 5 weeks, I was granted the permanent residency visa which was a fantastic outcome for my partner and I. Had we not engaged FISA’s services, we would have been waiting in limbo for the best part of a year or longer, therefore it is a very worthwhile investment. Frank Mash provides a very professional service whilst demonstrating his passion for his work in the industry. I would strongly recommend FISA to any person or couple who are applying for a partner visa as it is an investment that gives you peace of mind through a better understanding of the process and the services of an expert in the field.